Impressive & Modern Desk Setup for Home Office & Gaming

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


picture of modern, minimal and impressive desk setup. Consisting of 2 ikea alex drawers and a custom tabletop.

Setup Goals

Basically, my main goal of this setup was, to build a minimal and simultaneously very modern setup for home office and studying. Another important goal was to have a large surface where it is easy to organize my stuff. Furthermore, I tried to achieve these goals in a very budget oriented way. Because many students, who need a big desk, do not have that much money to spend on office parts, I tried to prove that it is indeed possible to build such a modern and minimal setup without having to spend over 200 bucks.

And here are some more impressions:

Cable Management

Regarding the cable management of my setup, I can say that I have mounted a channel for all my cables at the wall behind my desk.

Into this certain channel I drilled some holes in order for my cables to fit inside.


Here are some links where you can find the parts used in my setup.

Some of these are are affiliate links which help me produce content.

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